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Lab Name: Versa Virtual Lab, Type 1 [V-VLAB1]

The V-VLAB1is a virtualized Versa Secure SD-WAN environment that can be used for training, learning, or testing Versa Networks functions in a controlled, pre-built environment. The lab environment can be used for personal learning, exploring the Versa Networks ecosystem, and for completing or re-doing the tasks associated with Versa Networks training course lab guides and exercises.

Versa is providing the lab service in partnership with Toolwire. Upon subscription You will be receiving an email from “” containing instructions for setup and access the lab environment. It may take up to two hours for making the lab ready.

The V-VLAB1environment contains the following features:  
  • A complete headend (Versa Director, Versa Analytics, Versa Controller)
  • 3 CPE nodes (2 branches and 1 hub, which can also be used as a branch CPE)
  • 2 CPEs with a shared LAN for dual-site connectivity (a cross-connect interface is pre-configured between devices)
  • 2 Linux based testing hosts for traffic generation and connectivity verification
  • 2 transport domains (MPLS and INET)
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Subscription period: Once subscribed the V-VLAB1 will be available for 15 days. The same can be subscribed again if required. Re-subscription would not extended the existing lab, and all configuration would be reset to original state.

In stock