Versa-OSS10 Release


This whitepaper will showcase how to configure and verify Versa Basic-NAT feature


Workflow Configuration

Configure NAT Pool

Please note: For MSP accounts you will be configuring CGNAT under respective “Provider” Organization.

  • Please provide the name of CGNAT Pool

  • Please provide Public IP Address which internal server will be using while accessing Internet resource

  • Please do not select Destination/Source Port against Basic-Nat


Configure NAT Rule

  •   Please specify the appropriate rule name

  • Please provide the Internal IP Address associated with the respective Server

  • Please choose NAT mode: basic-nat-44 and Select the respective Source Pool


In order to view CGNAT logs:

  • Please click “Analytics” tab
  • Select Provider Org
  • Go to “Logs” → “CGNAT” → “Logs”