Versa Networks Training

Training provides resources and instructions to increase your knowledge, improve your skills, and to better understand the capabilities of the technologies and services that you will implement in your environment.

Versa Networks training courses focus on three main areas of content

Benefits of training and certification

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Security Services Edge (SSE)

Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

Secure Access Service Edge training focuses on SASE concepts, and the main orchestration tool used to implement SASE services: Versa Concerto.

Security Services Edge allows the deployment of cloud-based Next Generation Firewall as a Service (NGFWaaS). This allows companies to implement a full range of network security functions, without purchasing, deploying, and managing dedicated security devices throughout their WAN.

SD-WAN is the foundation of the SASE service, and can also be implemented independently to provide customers with flexibility, control, and security for their WAN environment. Through centralized management using Versa Concerto or Versa Director, consistent device configurations, security policies, and traffic steering policies can be implemented across the entire domain across dedicated private circuits or public Internet circuits.

Versa Academy provides two main types of training: On-demand (self-paced), and instructor led.

On-Demand Training

Versa on-demand training gives you access to online lessons and courses that you can use for study, research, and knowledge building – at your own pace. There are two types of on-demand training: Paid training, and Free training. Both types of training include a final assessment to check your knowledge, and a course completion certificate once you finish.

At Versa Academy, we strive to provide as many learning resources to you as we can, free of charge. All that is required is a Versa Academy account, and registration is free.

Paid on-demand training generally includes more in-depth topics, and reflects the material that you will encounter in the instructor-led training.

Instructor Led Training

Versa instructor-led training can be delivered virtually, using web collaboration tools, or in-person at a customer’s location. Versa also delivers regularly scheduled instructor-led online courses, which are open to anyone (open enrollment). Instructor led classes include structured labs that correspond with the topics that are taught, so you can practice what you study. Class sizes are limited, so if you are interested in attending an open enrollment course, you can reserve your seat by registering online.