On-Demand Training

Self paced courses and online learning

– Study what you want, when you want, and at your own pace
– Go back and review concepts from your instructor-led courses
– Prepare for certification exams

On-demand training allows you to select the lessons you want and research the content at your own pace through the Versa Academy web portal. On-demand courses are provided in three main types of content: Free content, Paid content, and Partner content.

Additionally, you can display the training content based on the technology type, such as SASE/SSE, Versa Director based courses, Versa Concerto based courses, and Versa Titan based courses.

With on-demand training, you gain access to the course materials. Courses contain slides and animations to describe and discuss the topic, notes that add additional information to the discussion, and most courses have narration of the notes.

Courses are sorted according to categories, and the same course may appear in multiple categories (e.g. Free Content and SASE content).

On-Demand Training