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Welcome to the Versa Titan Operational Training course. In this course you will learn key concepts about how Versa Titan works, and how to manage Versa Titan functions and services.

The course is broken down into 19 short lessons, which must be completed in order. From time to time there will be a knowledge check to check your understanding of the topics and concepts within the lessons. Once you have completed all of the lessons you will be presented with a Certificate of Completion.

The lessons in this course are:

  • How does Versa Titan Work?
  • DIA vs SD-WAN
  • Versa Titan Security
  • SD-WAN Topologies
  • Getting Started with Versa Titan
  • Default Configuration Template
  • Creating Sites
  • Site WAN Management
  • Site LAN Management
  • WIFI Management
  • Next Generation Firewall Management
  • Advanced Security Management
  • SD-WAN and Traffic Steering
  • Versa Secure Access Management
  • Versa Secure Web Gateway Management
  • Activating Sites
  • Inventory and License Management
  • User Management



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