Private Training Program

The Private Training Program (PTP) is Versa Networks Education Services’ effort of delivering a training program to organizations that require specific skills to manage an existing Versa Secure SD-WAN solution or to increase the skills and knowledge of their team members. This offering can help you train field-ready operatives for upcoming deployments, organizational changes, or to improve upon existing skills. Versa Networks Education Services can deliver private training conducted by Versa experts that provide customer-focused topics based on your requirements. Private training can be delivered using online collaboration or through traditional classroom-based training.

The Private Training Program consists of pre-designed training modules selected from our library of prepared lessons. The Private Training Program can also include certification coupons as an additional component.

The Private Training Program is intended for group training classes.


Private Training Model :


Benefits of Private Training Program


Key benefits of comprehensive private learning includes :

  • Customers can choose the topics to include in the training from the lessons available from Versa Academy
  • Well defined pre-requisites to help organizations to choose the right people to attend
  • Instructor led on-line of traditional classroom based modalities
  • Hands-on lab exercises to learn and practice the concepts taught in the lessons

Lessons Library
Below is a list of the lessons that can be included in the private training course:

Version 16.2 lessons:

  • Introduction to Versa SD-WAN
  • Versa Overlays
  • Versa Director User Interface
  • Versa Workflows and Templates
  • Versa Routing
  • Spoke to Hub Only
  • Spoke to Spoke via Hub
  • Spoke to Spoke Direct
  • High Availability
  • Class of Service
  • Traffic Steering and SLA Monitoring
  • Security Services Overview
  • Service Templates


Security Focused (Version 20.2)

  • Security Introduction
  • Stateful Firewall Overview
  • Stateful Firewall Configuration
  • SSL Inspection
  • SSL Decryption
  • User and Group Authorization
  • URL Filtering and Captive Portal
  • Application Identification
  • Configuring IP Filtering
  • Next Generation Firewall Sample Use Case
  • UTM – Antivirus
  • UTM – IDP
  • UTM – Web Proxy
  • UTM – Security Packages
  • Security Monitoring and REST API
  • Third Party Integration, Visibility, and Best Practices


Version 20.2 lessons:

  • Control and Data Planes
  • Versa Director User Interface
  • Workflows and Templates
  • Full Mesh
  • Spoke to Hub Only
  • Spoke to Spoke via Hub
  • Spoke to Spoke Direct
  • Hub Controllers
  • Device Configuration Management
  • Software Management and Upgrades
  • Alarms and Notifications
  • Branch RMA Process
  • Realtime Statistics Monitoring
  • Historical Statistics Analysis
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Class of Service Concepts
  • Configuring Class of Service
  • Adaptive Shaping
  • Traffic Steering and SD-WAN Policy
  • SLA Monitoring
  • Security Services Overview
  • DoS Protection (overview)
  • Stateful Firewall Services (overview)
  • Next Generation Firewall Services (overview)
  • Security Configuration Example
  • Headend High Availability
  • Branch High Availability


As every private training requirement is unique; it is important to understand requirement before deciding actual courses and deriving the plan. To get started and learn more about Private Training Program, please contact your account representative or complete the form below. We will setup a detailed discussion session to understand your specific training needs.