Versa Certification

Industry recognized certification provides the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills through an independent testing and credentialing system. Versa Networks is committed to providing you with the opportunity to receive industry recognition for your efforts and skills.

The Versa Certification Program allows you to prepare for and build upon your technology knowledge. It begins with foundation certification, which is a pre-requisite for the more advanced certifications.

Currently there are two main certification tracks: SD-WAN focused and Security focused. We will introduce a SASE focused certification track in the future.


The Versa Secure SD-WAN Administrator certification is the foundation certification that must be completed before you begin your journey on a specific technology track. Certification exams are administered by a 3rd party certification vendor. Currently the certification partners are Kryterion for test delivery, and Credly for digital badging and validation. When you pass your Versa Certification exam, you can log into the Credly web site ( and view, download, and share your badge and certificate. Please visit the exam pages below to learn more about each exam, how to prepare, and to register for an exam.

Associate Level Exam

The Associate level exam is your entry point into the certification process. It tests your knowledge on key foundational principles of Overlay networks, Underlay networks, VPN technologies, SASE, SSE, and SD-WAN concepts. The VNX100 exam is a prerequisite to more advanced exams.

Specialist Level Exam

The Specialist level of certification exams test your knowledge as a specialist in the role of an SD-WAN security administrator or SD-WAN administrator, and includes core topics related to SD-WAN and the Versa Networks implementation of SD-WAN and security technologies.

Professional Level Exam

The Professional level exam tests your knowledge as a professional in the role of an SD-WAN administration engineer, and includes advanced topics related to security or SD-WAN administration and configuration.