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Course Overview

The Versa Policy Basics course is designed to introduce you to the component that is at the center of the Versa Operating System’s ability to identify and manage traffic: The policy engine.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the components of a traffic policy and rule;
  • Identify which processes can use policy to identify traffic;
  • Describe the actions that can be taken on traffic based on the policy and the function that is implementing the policy;
  • Describe the structure of the following policy types:
    • – Stateful and Next Generation Firewall Policy;
    • – Decryption Policy;
    • – Class of Service Policy; and
    • – SD-WAN (Application Management and Steering) Policy

Time to complete all topics: Approximately 35 minutes.


Once you complete the lessons you will be required to pass a knowledge assessment. After you pass the assessment you will be awarded a certificate of completion.