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Security Service Edge with Versa Concerto

Versa Networks is a leading vendor in the Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE, environment. SASE combines SD-WAN and cloud security into a robust, scalable, flexible cloud based solution used to interconnect sites, data centers, and remote workers. It focuses on improved performance to cloud-based services, while also providing improved access to internal resources through cloud-based connectivity. Connect to your resources from anywhere, at any time – securely.

Security Service Edge is a sub-component of SASE that focuses on the security side of the SASE service. Cloud-based security allows you to implement robust, consistent, and context-based security to all users that connect to your network by implementing Secure Web Gateways, or SWGs. SWGs provide “secure access points” to the cloud and network, similar to a remote access solution – but instead of connecting to a datacenter hosted remote access server, users connect to globally distributed gateways in the cloud for improved performance and flexibility. Security policies and profiles are synchronized across all gateways so that you can be sure that when a user connects to a cloud gateway and gains access to corporate or cloud resources, your information and environment is secure.

This course on Versa Security Service Edge provides information about the Versa SSE solution, its components and architecture, and the main orchestration platform used to configure and manage the SSE solution: Versa Concerto.


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